It’s already been quite the year for me, musically speaking–things have really started ramping up! It’s been hectic, and figuring out the scheduling is sometimes a gigantic bear of a task, but I love every second of it.

I had my first “solo” show in January, at Conflikt. I’ve helped with several recording projects, including (a first for me!) traveling to San Jose to record with Jeff Bohnhoff at Mystic Fig Studios, for work on Mary’s new CD. I’ve performed with my beloved usual groups and made some wonderful new friends, and I have a starring role in a stage production coming up this fall. When do I have time to sleep, you may ask? I wonder, too, some days…

My detailed current lineup of projects:
* Performances with Vixy & Tony, Molly Lewis, Ship of Dreams (Aaron Corwin & Shanna Washburn), Leannan Sidhe, Bone Poets Orchestra, and Eleusyve Productions (see my performance calendar for detailed information on all of these)
* Recording string and vocal tracks for the upcoming Bone Poets Orchestra album, Ecstasy in the Ruins
* Recording a soundtrack album for Angela Korra’ti‘s novel-in-progress Bone Walker
* Possibly doing some recording with Leannan Sidhe for her next album, Mine to Love
* Weekly rehearsals for “The Rite of Sol, A Rock Opera” begin in July
* and a few as-yet-unnamed personal projects with loved ones, arranging and (hopefully) composing (these may or may not come to light).

Gee, it’s almost like there’s something to this musical career thing. How ’bout that. 🙂

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