On stage at Faerieworlds

Faerieworlds, 2008

If children form their first language skills by what they are most exposed to before they are five years old, then music is my first language. There has never been a time when it was not my constant companion, and the thrill of standing on stage in front of an audience is indescribable.

I began my musical education well before I can remember, at the young age of three, which is only natural when one’s mother is a music teacher. My first instruments were the violin and my voice, and though I ventured variously into string bass, guitar, and piano, nothing else held my attention for very long until I added the viola in high school. My activities in and out of school included district, community, and All-State Orchestra, choirs and small ensembles. I didn’t have a job while I was in high school, because I had no time for one between all of my rehearsals and performances. I loved it.

I was privileged to study privately for many years with two members of the Utah Symphony, Jack Ashton and Roberta Zalkind. I majored in Music Performance at the University of Utah, with emphasis on both viola and voice. Unfortunately, a bout with carpal tunnel syndrome prevented me from finishing my degree, and I moved out of state soon after. I didn’t begin performing professionally again until I relocated to Seattle in 2002.

Salt Lake Symphony, 1999

Salt Lake Symphony, 1999

The music community in Seattle has afforded me many valuable opportunities. I have soloed with a community orchestra and a small choir, done studio work for various CD projects, composed and co-arranged instrumental parts, and performed with a number of highly-talented musicians. I am a member of groups on both ends of the musical spectrum: the Medieval Women’s Choir and local folk-rock band Bone Poets Orchestra, and sometimes get to play back-up instrumentals (and occasionally vocals) for local and international folk & filk favorites Vixy and Tony.

When I’m not immersed in the world of music, I can usually be found spending my free time cooking or hanging out with friends near my home in downtown Seattle, and I enjoy my non-musical career as a 911 Dispatcher in the south King County area.