You can hear Sunnie on the following albums:

Loch Salann Musician’s Guild, Music for Dancin’ Fools

Andy Monaco, Nobody Said Love (track 5, “No Reply”)

Gaia Consort, Evolve

Gaia Consort, Vitus Dance

Bone Poets Orchestra, Belladonna Smiles

Vixy & Tony, Thirteen (track 7, “Mal’s Song”, track 8, “Persephone”)

Reohad, Beginnings (track 1, “Dancing Scarf”)

Medieval Women’s Choir, Laude Novella

Eleusyve Productions, Rite of Venus Soundtrack

Eleusyve Productions, Rite of Mercury Soundtrack

Eleusyve Productions, Rite of Sol Soundtrack

Michael Padilla, album name and release date TBA

Dr. Mary C. Crowell, Acolytes of the Machine (release date TBA)